Major Fashion Don’ts When It Comes To Men

It is not just woman who do fashion, men have their style of dressing as well and of course, there are several common mistakes made by men in this field.

So, for you today I shall become men’s personal styling service provider and brief you on some of the major don’ts.

  • If you are a skinny guy, then you need to lay low on pants like boot cut, they are so not going to make your legs bigger or wider. They are just going make you look all sloppy and skinnier than before.
  • When you are wearing shirts, make sure that they are not baggy and that they fit well. The fashion do is to buy a shirt that fits well on to your body while give you easy access to your body movements.
  • This is more of a misconception that a mistake, but you will hear this from your personal stylist Richmond as well, dressing up and dressing better are two different things. For example a man in a sharp casual outfit would look totally great than a dude in a coat suit that is not his style right? Dress appropriately to different situations and make sure that it matches you not the model you saw wearing it on the runway.
  • Many so called “hi quality branded” outfits in the mall are completely overpriced and comes in poor quality fabric. So think about what brands you really should avoid and which are worth the price tag.
  • If you are still wearing cargo shorts, then I suggest you change your dress codes. Cargos are pretty old so instead of these pants try going for pants like slim chino to give yourself a much more of a modern look.
  • Many people tend to think that boat shoes are so last season, but still they are found a very good shoes to be worn in the summer, but of course they are not exactly fashionable either.
  • Don’t try to match your shoes with the shirt you are wearing, it may tend to look like pretty weird, of course if you are going for a more street style and if the shoes are sneakers then there is a chance of it matching but not all the time.
  • People tend to think that black shoes go with everything, but actually it doesn’t. Especially if you are wearing colored suits, the black shoes will be a complete turn off. If you are looking for a shoe that goes with almost everything, try light brown brogue.

Well, hope these tips gave some pointers as to what to do and what not to do, when it comes to styles.