All About British Columbia

British Columbia Victoria’s capital city features many historic architectures and museums which are considered to be some of the best in the BC district. Victoria is also known to feature the country’s most catchy sceneries. The city’s flower gardens are world famous and a mountain or an ocean vista could be seen in every corner. Whether you decide for activities such as hiking or golfing, biking or fishing, or you’re more the shopping and dining kind or the theatre type, British Columbia has it all.

A short drive away from British Columbia is Kwagiulth Mask by Randy Bell for the shoppers in you. A fabulous variety of traditionally Aboriginal masks, sculptures and carvings, or a more modern-influenced range of paintings and jewellery are on display and for sale at the various Aboriginal owned and art galleries and gift shops located throughout the British Columbia. Immerse yourself in the live traditions of British Columbia and experience authentic music and dance, food and art, aboriginal stories and their fascinating culture with beautiful artifacts.

The city also has a modern twist with brands like the Billabong also available for the ones interested.Another place to visit is Ninstints. Ninstints is the English name for Red Cod Island Village. Ninstints to this day features some of the largest collections of Haida totem poles seen in the world in their original locations; many are celebrated today as historic and great works of art. The site is highly remote, and can be accessed only by sea or by air from the northern most part of the British islands.

The Spider Lake Provincial Park which is a tiny and beautiful lake located 5 miles from the Horne Lake. There is a scenic stretch of coastline beside the warm and crystal clear waters of the small lake. Keep in mind that here no motored boats are allowed in the area.

If you’re looking for a breather from travel you can spend a couple of hours picnicking here at any time of the year or take a dip – you don’t need any expensive Jets swimwear to that – in the summer or maybe toss a hook or two if you like fishing. Ardent Campers looking for paradise come to British Columbia as if traveling to a pilgrimage. British Columbia’s large parks and beautiful forests are praised the world over for their magnificent natural beauty and peace. They are known for their cheap campsites. Whether you walk or navigate through by canoe or drive on your own, you will come across an outdoor heaven in BC’s pristine alpine lakes and rugged mountains, picturesque interiors and some challenging coastal treks.